Friday, February 6, 2009

Products, Stuff I Love & More...

Since I am not planning a trek for a while, I thought I'd let you in on some of my favorite spa-related goodies. Things I use when on the road, stuff I use when I'm home, and some things that are simply fun for travel. Or home. Or for traveling home. You get the idea.

Ever get stuck between flights or have an unexpectedly long lay-over between connections? Now, what if you're not a "special member" of those lounges available to certain clientele in airports and feel like your hair is gonna walk off by itself, it's that dirty or yucky-feeling?

You can't take a shower (don't even think of going for a "half-bath" in an airport sink!). Bathrooms and airports are kind of dicey, as is well-known by a certain footsie-playing politician. So what to do?

Never fear! Pretty Fly is here!

Besides having a catchy name, Pretty Fly is a very cool company that turned a home-grown concept into a smart little business venture. This little-engine-that-can, offers some relief to wallowing in your own crapulence, at least until your next shower.

Each little packet includes an "S.O.S." (single-servings of sanity) that includes a tiny square filled with an organic soap that contains organic extracts of aloe vera and orange oil, a restorative grapefruit-based dry shampoo (not like those old crappy ones), a delicious-smelling lime lip balm and a lemon zest lotion.

Now, the soap packet needs water for rinse-off, otherwise, everything else is self-explanatory and self-contained. Little packets, all are under the "magic" 3 oz. rule and terrific for quick clean-ups and refreshing tonics for your trip.

Check out the website and learn the great story about Pretty-Fly's creation. It's very inspirational. You're welcome.

Another great product is for those of us who like to ditch the shoes en-route, and relax in comfy socks. Well, I was just sent the most comfortable, slip-resistant "Bamboo ExerSocks" that are about ankle-high and eco-friendly! Win/Win!

Made from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo (this stuff lasts forever!) these sox are the best thing that ever hit the yoga mat. Except those big balls. I like those. They're pretty.

And if you check the website for Crescent Moon Yoga, you will be happily surprised by the range and variety of casual things, great and small.

But I digress. These sox are so cozy I'm considering wearing them to bed (I get cold feet, sorry, it's one of those things) and probably whenever I don't feel like getting shod in the morning. This company has the greatest stuff for Yoga-lovers and even Yoga-likers. All their products can be used by "non-practioners" and personally, I'm into soft clothes, so this is my secret addiction.

Happy to share it. Just don't blame me if you over-spend. It's hard not to, this stuff is so cool, even the yoga mats!

Another favorite of mine is a company called Cactus & Ivy, and it has so many wonderful creams and lotions and moisturizers, you'll soon be awash in good-smelling notions and potions if you're at all like me. And it's cruelty-free, meaning NO animals were harmed in the production of the goods. That's very important to me, and I hope for you, too.

So there's a smattering of products that go along with me on my treks, and come home with me as well. This stuff is gooooood.

Especially if you like feeling clean, exfoliated and moisturized but can't afford a facial....

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